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Welcome to the most comprehensive suite of trainings dedicated to the art and science of eyebrow perfection. Whether you’re stepping into the world of beauty or aiming to expand your existing skill set, our all-encompassing courses in Microblading, Ombre Brows, Combination Brows, Nanoblading, Brow Threading, Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting, and Brow Mapping offers unparalleled education to transform you into a master brow artist.

Why Choose Our Training?

Wide Range of Techniques:

From the precision of Microblading to the subtlety of Brow Tinting, learn every major brow beautification technique in the industry.

Expert-Led Training:

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of master artists who excel in their specific fields, providing insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques.

Flexible Learning Experience:

Our online format allows you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Each course is designed with beginners and seasoned professionals in mind, covering fundamentals, advanced techniques, and everything in between.

Certification of Mastery:

Earn certifications for each technique you master, showcasing your expertise and commitment to excellence in the field of brow artistry.

Course Highlights

Microblading & Nanoblading

Dive deep into the art of creating hyper-realistic brow hairs, learning how to choose the right pigments, and mastering the stroke patterns that mimic natural growth.

Ombre & Combination Brows

Uncover the secrets to gradient effects for a soft, natural look, or combine techniques for dynamic, multifaceted brows that captivate and charm.

Brow Threading & Tinting

Explore the precision of threading for immaculate shape definition and the art of tinting to enhance color, depth, and fullness.

Brow Lamination

Learn how to restructure brow hairs for added volume and uniformity, offering your clients the latest in brow styling innovation.

Brow Mapping

Master the foundational skill of mapping, ensuring every brow transformation is perfectly tailored to the individual’s facial structure.

Meet your trainer

Meet Deep Sidhu, a master brow artist and seasoned esthetician with an impressive 15-year career under her belt. A passionate devotee of the beauty industry, she brought her expertise to Canada in 2010 as a skilled worker, swiftly making her mark in the Tricities area.
Over the years, Deep has become a trusted household name, celebrated for her commitment to excellence within the local community. Her early career was spent honing her craft at a top-tier beauty company, where she not only polished her skills but also stayed abreast of the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

This dedication to perpetual growth has been the bedrock of Deep’s success, making her not just a service provider, but a trendsetter in the beauty industry.


Transform Your Career with Unmatched Brow Artistry!

Our courses, available in English or Punjabi, are designed not just to teach, but to inspire. Each module is packed with practical demonstrations, hands-on practice, and personalized feedback, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to elevate your career to new heights.

Enroll Now and Begin Your Journey to Brow Mastery

Join a community of passionate artists committed to beauty and excellence. With our comprehensive training suite, you're not just learning techniques; you're setting the standard for brow artistry worldwide.
Deeksha Sharma
I got micro-needling done a few times and have been seeing great results. Raman is amazing.
Harsharan Singh
"Raman did a great job. I will definitely visit again, and I would genuinely recommend Raman for her professionalism and warmth."
Zhanna de Klerk
To all nervous folks out there who had terrible brows experience in the past: you are in great hands! Both Deep and Ramen are exceptionally meticulous and skillful. Would not get my brows down anywhere else!
Amanda Vagnarelli
I booked a brow threading appointment with Deep and it was a great experience! She is the sweetest and will take the time to listen to what you want. I’ve had thin brows in the past and get anxious about getting my brows done but Deep made sure to keep by brows thick!
Alecia Sloof
My pain tolerance is pretty sad but Ramen does an amazing job making sure the power level is not too high for my appointments. Definitely recommend Ramen from Browmastrz for any laser hair removal needs!
Dianne Stebner
I had a bad experience as a teen having my eyebrows done and was super worried about that happening again. I saw Deep and she did an amazing job! She showed me what she was going to do before actually doing it and I am so happy with the results! I will definitely be back :)
Sarah Woods
The salon is very clean and welcoming. The main star is Deep. She is such an incredible, wonderful, talented beautician. She's so gentle and detailed orientated when threading my eyebrows. Everytime I look in the mirror once she is done I am just WOW in awe of her talent. She's extremely friendly and answers all my questions when I have any. Highly recommend ❤️
Olga Khomenko
Dip is a great specialist! I again have eyebrows! She is perfect. I recommend her 100%!
Absolutely amazing! Deep is an artist when it comes to eyebrows! I did microblading and love the results.